Tourvista's Amazing 360 Virtual Tours

TourVista is a virtual tour company that excels at creating immersive environments for training, marketing and commercial industries. Its latest projects include an excellent Nestle 360 degree product tour. TourVista has also successfully created a number of other very impressive 360 virtual tours. The success of its Nestle 360 product tourowes much to the use of innovation and creativity. Each virtual tour containssome very sharp, crisp and clear images.
Nestle 360 degrees product tour
When Nestle asked TourVista to create a virtual tour of its products, this virtual tour companydecided to use a few very innovative ideas that could hold the brand values whilst being modeled in a luxury kitchen. This virtual tour was taken with 9 x 18MP images, and then rendered into a layered file sitting just over a single Gigabyte. The scene is made up of over four hundred compressed JPG files and your device only needs to load the current file. This is the reason why the images load so quickly.
You are probably not aware about the number of Nestle products that you use in your kitchen. This Nestle 360 virtual tour gives you an idea about the different Nestle products used in a typical kitchen. Take this virtual tour and see how many famous Nestle products you can discover.
The Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst 360 degree Tour
The Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst 360 degree Tour is no less impressive. When asked to shoot and produce a 360 virtual tour, TourVista immediately got down to work. They used interactive floor plans, scene variations and PDF downloads as well as info-spots to create a truly impressive virtual tour. Clicking on any of the info-spot signsin any scene opens up a new scene.
The Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst 360 virtual tour begins with a view of the outside of the Bioscience building. Clicking on the "Reception" info-spot lets you explore the reception area of the building.Once inside the Reception area, you will want to view other areas including the Atrium. The Atrium is a place within the building that contains a communal networking area and a separate coffee area. Clicking on the info-spot sign "Atrium" allows you to take a virtual tour of this area of the building.
Want to know more about the building map? If so, then click on the "Show map" sign. The map has separate red colored signs which if clicked widen the scope of the virtual tour to other areas in the building including a Red Room, Board Room, the Atrium and the Laboratory.
The Stirling University - Alex Ferguson 360 degree speech
The Stirling University - Alex Ferguson 360 degree speech is another wonderful example of 360 virtual tours developed by TourVista. This virtual tour captures the essence of the speech in both images and audio. By clicking on a "Watch this Speech" info-spot sign, you get to hear exactly what Sir Alex Ferguson said when receiving an honorary degree at the University of Stirling.