360 Virtual Tours

360 visual tours are excellent visual marketing tools. At first, 360 virtual tours were implemented in the real estate industry. Real estate agents who wanted to convince buyers about the value of a particular property used 360 virtual tours to good effect. Buyers were given an excellent opportunity to review properties before buying them. 360 virtual tours gave customers an opportunity to check the property thoroughly but without needing to be physically present at the site.
This is because 360 virtual tours give a panoramic description about the subject and create appreciation for the subject. Hiring a good virtual tour company to create 360 virtual tours for you makes sense. Once created, the 360 virtual tours can be viewed on a PC and mobile device. The tour simulates a location or object and makes the viewer believe that they are actually there. Best of all, viewers interact with the image by dragging the mouse and they can also view the space or object from different directions. In addition, they can click on info-spot signs which will allow them to jump to new scenes in the 360 virtual tours.

360 virtual tours are normally accessible on websites using your PC, mobile phone or any tablet device. IPad tablet devices and Apple iPhone users can even make use of gyro controls which allow the viewer to turn the image in different directions. In other words, viewers can use gyro controls to change the direction from which to view the image.

A virtual tour company normally shoots images with a high-end Digital SLR camera that is equipped with a specialized lens. A number of images are taken in a complete the three hundred sixty degree circle. Once all the images have been shot they will then be stitched to each other and by using latest HDR techniques the images are then optimized to get the desired effect. The image, once completed, will be put together with a specialized viewer. This enables viewers to click as well as drag on the screen to view the image from a complete three hundred and sixty degree perspective.

To load the final image quickly,the image has to be compressed. A good virtual tour company uses its expertise and experience to get the desired results. Normally, these companies spend years in researching and developing as well as practicing and perfecting the techniques that will help them create high quality and beautiful High Definition quality 360 virtual tours.

Today, 360 virtual tours are being widely used in the tourism and camcorder industries. These360 virtual tours are very life-like. Virtual tours companies use special panorama software to create the desired effect. This software helps to capture and also enhance every part of the panoramic view in 360 degrees. This software also allows creators to preview their work with the help of an inbuilt viewer. Virtual tours companies use both software and hardware to use this software to create fully-featured virtual tours in a very short time.

The bottom line is that 360 virtual tours benefit customers as well as sellers as the former can view products and services while the latter can improve the visibility of their online businesses.